New EYFS Essentials training videos on the early years curriculum out now

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Leading early years specialist Jan Dubiel presents the latest series of Nursery World EYFS Essentials training videos, which focuses on the early years curriculum.

In this set of three 30-minute videos, Jan, who was a member of the advisory group for the revised Early Years Foundation Stage, takes us through different aspects of the curriculum – planning, progression and assessment, to support practitioners with the emphasis on this in the current EYFS.

Jan looks at what we mean by an early years curriculum and how we construct one; how progression can be ensured by its coverage and depth; and at assessment – how do we know that children know what they know and that our curriculum is successful?

Nursery World's online training videos focus on different aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The videos are presented by leading early years experts, who provide information and advice, accessible for all practitioners.

Ideal for staff training sessions and individual CPD, the EYFS Essentials videos will build up into a great resource for working with the revised EYFS framework which came into force in September 2021.

Series 6, Early Years Curriculum, follows:

  • Series 1: The Four Principles of the EYFS by Judith Twani
  • Series 2: The Prime Areas of Learning by Anne O'Connnor
  • Series 3: The Specific Areas of Learning by Helen Tate and Judith Twani
  • Series 4: The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning by Penny Tassoni
  • Series 5: A New Vision for Outdoors by Julie Mountain.

Our curriculum series is available for £39.

Or you can get all 6 series, a total of 20 videos and over 10 hours of training, for the best price of £212, saving £42.

Series 1-3 Bundle - All 11 videos from series 1-3 for £116, saving £20

Series 4-6 Bundle - All 9 videos from series 4-6 for £99, saving £17

Series 2 & 3 Bundle - All 7 videos from series 2 & 3 for £75 saving £13

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