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Caught up with the excitement of Christmas, we needed to ensure our children stay happy and calm, say Hayley Cannell and Nicky Bushell of Oakey Dokeys Pre-School, in Essex

Follow the roll-out of early education places for two-year-olds, (from 20 February 2012).

Follow the progress of the Government's plan (from January 2011).

Follow the progress of the Government programme (to January 2011.)

Nikki Fairchild describes how this month's learning journeys have been thought provoking and stimulating for candidates across the four pathways. Meanwhile the university gets ready to welcome its next cohort of budding EYPs

A recent report in the education press claimed 'yet another year of improvement across the board' following the Government's release of the EYFS results for last year. What was not mentioned was the fundamental change to the 'expected standard' for five year olds in mathematics with the new EYFS which became statutory in September.

The Annual General Meeting is a good chance to reflect on the year and make plans for the future, say Nicola Bushell and Hayley Cannell, joint managers of Oakey Dokeys Pre-School in Essex.

During your inspection it is important to show that children are confident about communicating with staff. Laura Henry suggests undertaking an audit to gauge the quality of interactions.

Views of what counts as maths are changing. Linda Pound examines whether revisions to this area of learning and development match up.

Karen Faux looks at a course focusing on physical development and its links with other Prime areas.