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The problem of violence impacts on us all. It uses our taxes in imprisoning young people and paying for their wounded victims. It's like a virus, forcing children who are protected to become more aggressive in order to survive.

The principle of early intervention to bring about change and improvement is firmly established across children's services. However, the idea of five-year-olds being warned off guns and the gang lifestyle by uniformed police officers might seem a step too far.

Last year, sales of organic baby foods in the UK increased by 7 per cent and sales of organic finger foods, including rice cakes, rusks and biscuits, leapt up 48 per cent.

Abuse or neglect as a child can be the precursor to violence in adulthood, says Robin Balbernie.

After a recent inspection, I feel there are inconsistencies in the Ofsted evaluation process. We were told by the inspector that she does not give an outstanding grade to anyone, as there is always room for improvement.

I left school and qualified as an NNEB from Cornwall Tech in 1981 and have stayed in childcare. I have nannied and worked in day nurseries - social services, private, charity-run and local authority. I have worked with children on the at-risk register, and for eight years in a school with children aged from four to 19 years, with moderate to severe learning difficulties.

I am not usually one to complain, but please, please, please no more 'art' posters! I used to really look forward to discussing and displaying the lovely, bright, interesting posters that depicted various topic-related subjects, eg at the hospital, on the beach, farm animals, but now find myself dreading issues that mention 'art' poster!

Here on Nursery World, we certainly don't hold with the view that 21 billion of Government money has been wasted on early years education and childcare, though to read many of the national newspapers over the past week, you might be forgiven for thinking that was the case (see News, page 4).

The value of store-bought toys to young children's experiences is questioned by Pat Wills.

Well done, Conservative MP Anne McIntosh ('MPs argue over private nursery viability', 12 July). I believe the Government certainly is opposed to the private sector.

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