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If babies had words for their feelings, what would they say? Lisa Murray took their viewpoint to create a resource for parents.

Children are at risk from the growing culture of drinking in the UK. Professor Moira Plant looks at the range of possible effects.

Early years staff are now taking part in an experiment that has so far only concentrated on parents. Katy Morton finds out what it's about.

Should nursery workers go along with parents' wishes to keep their child awake all day? Maria Robinson offers advice on sleep needs.

In the second of our National Strategies features on the EYFS, senior director Helen Moylett and Janet Ackers, senior adviser, early years, reflect on the importance of listening to parents and carers.

Vaccination has drastically reduced whooping cough in the UK, but it can still strike young children. The WellChild helpline offers advice.

Mothers bond with each other as well as their babies in sessions at a children's centre informed by expert talks. Annette Rawstrone reports.

Q: Are accidents at home a big problem for children in the UK?

Parents who want to dictate the learning agenda for their child at nursery are something every practitioner has to deal with. Annette Rawstrone spoke to practitioners at a private day nursery. Illustration by Claire Nichols.

Early years practitioners have a hard time convincing some parents about developmentally-appropriate skills. Maria Robinson offers advice.