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Her daughter struggling to make friends at school was a major worry for Working Mum, until her teacher found some solutions

Although this type of activity is child-led, parents can help their children immerse themselves in worlds of their own making by following these tips. By Penny Tassoni

A furry toy is being used to engage parents in their children’s learning, finds Annette Rawstrone

From empathising with others’ feelings and needs to winning and losing games gracefully, Penny Tassoni provides some top tips for encouraging social skills in young children

The nursery claims that the use of its television is education, but Working Mum suspects the setting has come to depend on it

In the first of an occasional series on supporting parents in their children's learning and development, Annette Rawstrone reports on the roll-out of smartphone app EasyPeasy

An online course on working with parents helped a childminder do well in her childcare diploma – and make more time for fathers

After witnessing uncleanliness in a nursery toilet, Working Mum wonders why staff can’t keep a closer eye on this area

At this time of year, moving room or setting is particularly common. Penny Tassoni presents some top tips for parents

Finding a suitable childminder for her young daughters has not always been an easy process, explains Working Mum