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This unit is all about balancing risk and opportunity in the interests of the child. Mary Evans unravels its complexities.

Photographs taken by parents gave practitioners new insight into how children experience ways to communicate at home, says Elizabeth Jarman.

An expanding part of our practice has worked a treat, say Nicola Bushell and Hayley Cannell, joint managers of Oakey Dokey's Pre-School in Essex.

Families are making huge gains from a simple programme where they come together to play and eat at school. Nicole Weinstein investigates.

The lasting effects of loving interactions between babies and their parents and early years practitioners are borne out in a project explained by Veronica Lawrence and Claire Stevenson.

Literacy takes many forms in children's lives and we should reflect before we dismiss what they enjoy at home in favour of what we offer in the nursery, argues Helen Bromley.

Practitioners' duty to work with parents can be honed in two courses by PEAL, says Karen Faux.

Do young children consciously reject one parent and cling to the other? Cath Hunter offers advice for talking with families and getting through what may be a difficult phase for them.

Practitioners can signpost single parents to a new resource, says Simon Bates, development director, Single Parent Action Network.

Practitioners could value diversity among parents by building on characteristics of their sameness to us, argues Helen Bromley.