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Parents of obese children do not usually recognise their children’s condition, a new study has found.

An early years literacy scheme has helped pre-school children that were falling behind to catch up with their peers.

Children’s life chances are being affected by the failure of early years services to engage with fathers, according to a parliamentary report.

How does a child move from babbling to mastering the sounds and sequences of a language? Penny Tassoni explains the processs.

Thoughtful support from a nursery team can make a real difference to the toilet training process, says Working Mum.

Supporting parental and child wellbeing through pregnancy to the first two years of a child’s life should be viewed as a key priority and attract as much spending as the defence budget, former children’s minister Tim Loughton has said.

More children now grow up with two or more languages, but how can you help them learn? Penny Tassoni offers some advice.

A framework for building parent-child attachments and so child resilience has been developed by a council in Scotland. Jean Campbell explains how it works.

In the second instalment of her series on social media, expert Kate Tyler offers some pointers on how to begin creating a strategy.

The Government has published a template form and letter for providers to use to identify children eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium.