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Kezia Thurgood-Parkes begins a regular blog following the progress of her degree at Sheffield Hallam.

Gill Jones shares her thoughts on Ofsted's annual report and the debate surrounding the inspectorate's 'Bold Beginnings' report.

Don't let Christmas be a stressful experience - for the sake of practitioners and children, says Chloe Webster of Pebbles Childcare

In these weeks running up to Christmas, the problems of inequality, disadvantage and lack of social mobility in our country come into ever-sharper focus, as both our regular columnists highlight.

Too many people are fiddling with early years policy, says Michael Pettavel, when the real problem is money

As 2017 draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how education policy has changed over the past year.

Kym Scott says that Ofsted risks taking the early years backwards

Early Excellence, the training and resources organisation, shares its first thoughts on Ofsted's Bold Beginnings report, arguing that there is much more to Reception than reading, writing and maths

The Ofsted report Bold Beginnings reveals an ignorance of how children learn and marks another step towards the schoolification of Reception Year (YR), says early years consultant Tamsin Grimmer

Ofsted's Gill Jones explains why she considers Reception to be the most important year of a child's school life