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The split between Prime and Specific areas is valid, provided practitioners understand how they inter-relate, says Jan Dubiel

Technology – especially the kind that involves screens – always divides opinion when it comes to children. Meredith Jones Russell talks to two digital tech experts to find out how they think the subject should be represented within the revised EYFS

Increasing numbers of early years settings are recognising the importance of STEM subjects within an early years curriculum. Charlotte Goddard speaks to one, while Anni McTavish makes the case for art and design

To prepare young children for life spent increasingly online, parents and early years practitioners need to monitor their web use and lead by example, writes John Bolton

More and more farms are helping to educate young children, as Ruth Beattie found out when she talked to some prize-winners

One setting investigated the purpose of pipes, which led to great educational play, finds Annette Rawstrone

From blowing bubbles outdoors to operating a kite, there are several ways to learn about wind and things that fly, explains Penny Tassoni

Use music and instruments from around the globe to help children understand the world, says Linda Pound

Children at Balham Nursery School embraced digital technology and used it to work together on creative projects. By deputy head Nicola Turner, artist educator Eloise Robinson and SENCO Camilla Alton

Taking young children on public transport will be exciting for them as well as developmentally beneficial, explains Penny Tassoni