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Sue Learner on a young manager taking on the challenge of turning round a Harlow lossmaker.

In the absence of governmental criteria for nursery meals, Mary Whiting recommends checking out the Caroline Walker Trust, which has a wealth of good advice and resources on eating well for under-fives.

By turning grandmother's listed manor house into a unique day nursery, this threesome is definitely keeping it in the family, says Katy Morton.

The 'fit note' introduced this April could transform how nurseries handle long-term staff illness, says Annette Rawstrone.

Children's experience of the outdoor environment can be enhanced through an imaginative use of ground surfaces and materials, reports Sue Learner.

Uncertain times call for the certainty of good insurance. We highlight some of the options.

Cuts will fall harder on some areas, but even in the toughest cases there are innovative ideas that nurseries can use to win through, says Mary Evans.

The imminence of the Comprehensive Spending Review is concentrating minds in the sector. A range of leaders draws Melanie Defries their lines in the sand, as George Osborne hones his blade.

With five settings under their belt and more planned, this family duo sees flexibility and good staff as key to their chain's success, says Katy Morton.

Is there a long-term future for the new Level 2 - and can Level 3 become a bridge to a degree? These questions on early years qualifications urgently need answers, says Mary Evans.

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