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As this highly significant bill enters its final stages in Parliament, we ask Family and Childcare Trust policy and public affairs expert Adam Butler some key questions.

With the Government making plans to create a more flexible and responsive childcare market, Karen Faux asks professionals for their suggestions for improvement on provision.

What will the proposed reforms mean for you? Mary Evans takes a look at the impact that 'new thinking' could have across key areas of the sector.

Reviews are rife in the early years sector. Here Mary Evans provides an indispensable guide to what's under scrutiny and when change on the ground is expected to kick in.

Providers fear they may not be able to support all the aims of the Government's reforms for early years education. Mary Evans hears about the balancing act they struggle with.

Nurseries are learning to deliver the free entitlement while remaining financially viable, says Mary Evans.

Cuts will fall harder on some areas, but even in the toughest cases there are innovative ideas that nurseries can use to win through, says Mary Evans.

The imminence of the Comprehensive Spending Review is concentrating minds in the sector. A range of leaders draws Melanie Defries their lines in the sand, as George Osborne hones his blade.

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