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Many nursery managers are still trying to gauge what the Early Years Educator and Early Years Teacher roles are really going to mean from a practical perspective. Karen Faux reports

Last year's property market was characterised by high-profile transactions involving large sums. This year promises to be just as busy, but the values involved are likely to be less.

Managing recruitment is always a delicate task, and never more so than in an unstable economic climate. Karen Faux considers how nursery groups are meeting the challenge.

With many parents now working unconventional hours, nurseries are starting to offer care throughout the night. Jordan Chamberlain reports.

Early years consultant Gail Ryder Richardson provides a step-by-step guide to providing an outdoor environment that empowers children to keep themselves safe.

Minor scrapes are part and parcel of giving children the opportunity to test themselves in a challenging environment. Gayle Goshorn finds out how nurseries maximise safety and maintain the right approach.

A proactive approach to local promotion is putting one new nursery on the map. Ben Miller takes a look at how it's connecting with its customers.

Mary Evans finds out what level of support nurseries are receiving to help them to meet the target for twos in September.

A challenging economic climate and increased caution from banks has left some nurseries unable to expand in the past few years. Katy Morton finds indications that things may be improving

What will the proposed reforms mean for you? Mary Evans takes a look at the impact that 'new thinking' could have across key areas of the sector.