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Nursery children heeded the SOS message about rubbish and recycling. Ruth Thomson reports.

While often overlooked in the design of a nursery, the quality of lighting is a factor that can greatly affect children's wellbeing.

Nursery children boxed up their interests and experiences for an activity that also produced a captivating display, as Jean Evans hears.

Is one age group better than another at being the ideal workers for a nursery? Annette Rawstrone asked managers of private day nurseries for their views.

The nursery was buzzing with activity sparked by the children's interest in castles, as Jean Evans hears.

One play provider thought beyond a bus or a truck and decided to offer children a unique form of water play. Annette Rawstrone reports.

Both the fear and the fun of the dark, and the effects of light, featured in a project observed by Jean Evans.

Share the benefits of block play with parents, as this nursery showed Jean Evans.

Staff observe and record children's individual discoveries with magnetic attraction, as Jean Evans hears.

Minibeasts got bigger when one nursery acquired some African snails, as manager Karen Crawford reports.