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Childcarers put chairs and baby and toddler feeding equipment to the test for Nicole Weinstein.

Latest products for younger children that are made with their needs and abilities in mind are given a preview by Ruth Thomson

Resources to explore concepts of light are put to the test by early years settings for Nicole Weinstein.

The latest early years resources with an emphasis on sensory appeal, eco-friendliness, comfort or convenience are spotted by Ruth Thomson.

Early years settings test colour-related resources for looking, sorting, mixing and experimenting, and tell Nicole Weinstein what they found.

Mirrors provide such fascination and so many learning opportunities for children that they could become part of a setting's basic provision. Nicole Weinstein samples a few.

Resources that let young children watch nature in close-up and in real time are tested by early years settings for Nicole Weinstein.

Move it with the latest resources for children to push, pull, fill and lift, tested and reviewed by early years settings for Nicole Weinstein.

An assortment of fun new learning resources sampled by Ruth Thomson.

There's no end of variations on one of the most basic playthings, in new versions tried out by early years settings for Nicole Weinstein.

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