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Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole is a senior research fellow in disability studies and psychology, at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Scottish Government has launched the country's first play strategy, which recognises the vital role of play to children's well-being and development.

Like nursing, early years is a profession that demands compassion, says Dr Geoff Taggart

The proposed primary national curriculum will hold back the progress of many children and label others as failures according to 102 individuals and organisations.

Nursery World is running a conference, 'Two-Year-Olds: Policy and Practice' on 19 April to provide expert advice and debate on provision for this age group.

It's difficult to know where best to focus these words, since I am still reeling from so many of the misconceived suggestions in Elizabeth Truss's proposals.

Readying, partnership or meeting place - what relationships should there be between early childhood and compulsory education, asks Peter Moss

If an early years practitioner gains a higher level qualification, will she be effective in supporting more children?

No official records are kept on the number of deaths, serious injuries and accidents that occur while children are in nursery or other childcare settings, a Nursery World investigation reveals.

Large numbers of pupils in London are starting the day without breakfast, a survey claims.