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This is my last column for Nursery World and I have enjoyed writing it. The commentator's vantage point has allowed me to observe some important trends in public policy debate on matters that concern Nursery World readers.

Is it within the remit of a regulatory body to get political?

Policymakers may need reminding that actions speak louder than words. The focus of the foundation years is on child development, proclaimed the Government in its document, 'Supporting Families in the Foundation Years'.

Nancy Stewart's To the Point article - ' A hostage to paperwork?' 12 - 25 November) made interesting reading. I have been an Ofsted registered childminder for 19 years and I have been graded outstanding twice. While this does not make me an expert in...

Men's aspirations to be involved in family life are on the up. There is a new wave of dads emerging who want to wheel buggies, change nappies and join mum and child on the first walk to nursery. They are ready to reap the pleasures, and pains, of hands-on parenthood.

The Status has proved its worth on many fronts and now it is time for the Government to decide how it can be built on, says Dr Eunice Lumsden

Nick Woodall of the Centre for Separated Families explains how proposed legislation could transform the way society views lone parenting, placing a new emphasis on shared parenting after divorce or separation

Whenever I visit a Nordic country, I'm mistaken for a native. I probably have some Viking blood in my ancestral line. That might explain why I've always admired the Nordic countries. More likely, they are admirable because they get so much right, not least their world-class early-years education and childcare systems.

It's time to sweep away layers of paperwork along with the autumn leaves, with the EYFS now telling us to limit paperwork.

Two is definitely the magic number in the early years sector at the moment, referring of course to two-year-olds - the free places for the 40 per cent most disadvantaged, the Progress Check and all the challenges of funding, provision and practice.

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