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Although this type of activity is child-led, parents can help their children immerse themselves in worlds of their own making by following these tips. By Penny Tassoni

From empathising with others’ feelings and needs to winning and losing games gracefully, Penny Tassoni provides some top tips for encouraging social skills in young children

At this time of year, moving room or setting is particularly common. Penny Tassoni presents some top tips for parents

Key facts about self-regulation and how to help your child develop it. By Penny Tassoni

Sharing stories is the key to learning to read, says Cassie Surrey

Getting a child to eat and drink a nutritionally balanced diet can be difficult. Penny Tassoni provides some useful tips

Why do some children bite and what is the best way to deal with it? Penny Tassoni provides some helpful advice

Having friends is important in life. Penny Tassoni explains how children form friendships and ways to help them do so

Sooner or later, parents of children struggling to sleep will have to tackle the problem. Penny Tassoni explains why and how

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