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Expansion to another site meant it was time for management training across the staff at this nursery. Karen Faux reports.

How tolerant should private nurseries be about what time parents pick up their children, and to what extent can they afford it? Melanie Defries talks to a group of managers.

Becoming a mother after becoming a teacher can bring new insights into the work of early years practitioners, as Phoebe Doyle found out.

Nursery managers are getting together to provide guidance and support for colleagues who may need it. Karen Faux reports.

The help that a business development manager can offer one local authority's childcarers is explained by Karen Faux.

Giving parents the hours of childcare they want doesn't always mesh with what an early years setting is able to offer. Melanie Defries hears how nursery practitioners handle it.

The many schemas explored by a three-year-old are described by Shelley Bannigan, family worker in the Snug at the Pen Green Nursery in Northamptonshire.

An award-winning nursery chain takes a conscientious approach to putting the right person in each role, as Karen Faux hears.

The process of active learning is a two-way experience between children and practioners, says Neil Farmer.

An award-winning nursery school keeps an eye on how staff can develop expertise and advance their careers. Karen Faux reports.