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Early maths resources must be inspiring and imaginative or they will lose the children's interest. Staff in early years settings check out a varied selection for Sue Hubberstey.

Striving to achieve the Investors in People standard is an effort that pays off for the workforce and nursery children, says Karen Faux.

A child's ability to grow emotionally, make relationships with others and learn effectively can depend on the sense of safety and confidence they derive from having a secure attachment in infancy, says Anne O'Connor

What do childminders think about the issue of physical contact with children? A group shared their experiences with Annette Rawstrone.

Families still face many hurdles to accessing universal, high-quality childcare, despite progress by policymakers. Sharon Charity of Daycare Trust looks at what the Government could be doing to clear the way for them.

Miniature toys hold a timeless appeal for young children and there is a huge and varied range on the market suitable for group play. Early years settings check some out for Sue Hubberstey

Computer software that had been used to record the dietary needs of children and book sessions at nurseries is now being deployed to enhance security at childcare settings.

What do managers need to know about changes in the rules for staff holidays that started coming into effect this month?

While attachment in theory remains controversial, practitioners need to understand it in order to deliver the EYFS, explains early years consultant Anne O'Connor.

You need an endless number of resources for your home corner. Here, early years settings put a range of accessories to the test for Sue Hubberstey.