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The phasing of Universal Credit will have significant implications for the finances of families using nurseries and for nursery staff themselves.

Readying, partnership or meeting place - what relationships should there be between early childhood and compulsory education, asks Peter Moss

Follow the roll-out of early education places for two-year-olds, (from 20 February 2012).

EYP Sarah Fillingham describes how her determination to give renewed impetus to a local network is gaining fruition

Our candidates are embarking on their learning journeys and I wanted to give you a flavour of what they are currently experiencing in the first month of the EYPS. All candidates have attended an induction event and have become members of the University community. This induction covered what their relevant pathway entails, how the assessment is structured, information on mentor requirements and safeguarding plus a University familiarisation session.

It's time to celebrate the achievements of this year's candidates who are about to graduate and also plan positively for the next programme, says Nikki Fairchild, EYP programme co-ordinator at the University of Chichester

Here we run an extract from the introduction of this timely publication which explores the viability of publicly supported childcare in the context of the rights of the child. A range of distinguished scholars come together to examine eight nations where childcare markets are the norm, while also scrutinising those countries where they are 'raw' and 'emerging'

The Netherlands experiment with childminding deregulation lauded by some MPs here, has in fact led to more expensive childcare and a drop in quality, say Eva Lloyd and Anand Shukla

Ofsted is carrying out a review of how it regulates and inspects providers on the early years register, to tie-in with the revised EYFS.

The consultation document recommends some positive changes, but there is much that disappoints, says early years consultant Ann Langston in her guide to the consultation document on the statutory framework for the revised EYFS

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