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The Scouts are piloting a scheme for the early years that will see four- and five-year-olds reap the benefits of the movement, says Matt Hyde

Our investigations into the effects of the national funding formula and 30 hours on nursery provision are deeply concerning

Too many statutory requirements mean we are busy demonstrating compliance rather than getting on with our real job

As recent reports reveal ongoing problems with the underfunding of the 30 hours, Neil Leitch, chief executive of the biggest voluntary sector provider the Pre-school Learning Alliance, calls for Government action, as he explains why it has closed more than 20 settings

Emeritus Professor Peter Moss, Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL, spoke last week at an event to mark 25 years since the launch of Early Studies Degrees. Here is his speech in full

Sarah Fillingham shares her nursery group's approach to mental health and well-being

The Government is gearing up to try and relax ratios again, argues Christie and Co's Courteney Donaldson, managing director of childcare and education

Michael Pettavel minds about the gender pay gap

Changes are afoot for Scottish nurseries with business rates exemption coming in from 1 April and the increase to 1140 hours by 2020

We need a shift in the mindset of employers in the UK, so that flexible working is seen as the norm, not the exception, argues Sarah Jackson

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