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Nurseries in Hertfordshire have warned that they may be forced to pull out of the free entitlement scheme for three- and four-year-olds in April if they are not allowed to charge top-up fees.

Sure Start provision in the London borough of Barnet could be cut by almost a third.

Colleges and awarding bodies have been reacting to the decision by the Children's Workforce Development Council to extend the deadline for offering some early years and childcare qualifications until January 2012.

Some early years and childcare qualifications will continue to be offered until January 2012, after the CWDC confirmed that it is extending the deadline for current qualifications by a year.

There's a skill in sharing something you've learned with your colleagues, and it's more in demand than ever, says Mary Evans.

Look out for possible penalties for not paying certain taxes, whether you know about them or not, warns Karen Faux.

The play needs of children in darkened winter months have been ignored in the debate about whether or not clocks should be put back. At the end of October each year, children face a situation that worsens in the following weeks when they are unable to go out for the healthy outdoor play they need because of the early darkness.

The British Association for Early Childhood Education has named Helen Moylett as its new president.

Changes to how the early years workforce can develop will impinge on the quality of provision available to young children, argues Pamela Calder.

It would seem to be quite a risk for the Coalition Government to ask Frank 'think the unthinkable' Field to carry out a review of poverty and life chances. Here is a character who was a regular irritant to his own party when they were in power - will he continue in this vein with the new administration?