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Imagination is the only resource you'll need in abundance to enjoy activities inspired by this children's book, says Helen Bromley.

Observe how absorbed the children can become in particular schemas when you provide resources and activities suggested by Diana Lawton.

Go back in time for children to get a sense of themselves and to explore concepts with activities across the early years curriculum suggested by Sheila Ebbutt.

Contrasts, and cause and effect, are just some of the concepts within the learning to be found in an investigation of 'wet' and 'dry' by Carole Skinner, Fran Mosley and Sheila Ebbutt.

Now's the time to go out on a leaf hunt and discover how many areas for learning they can lead you to. Try starting with these ideas from Carole Skinner, Fran Mosley and Sheila Ebbutt.

Observation of children's interests as they play is at the heart of activities based on a favourite theme in both books and play materials set out by Diana Lawton.

From seeing the sky in puddles to finding the symmetry in faces, there are lots of ways to mirror all areas of the curriculum, say Carole Skinner, Fran Mosley and Sheila Ebbutt.

Here are some ideas to show how a nursery can build up a wealth of resources to help children to learn, appreciate and have fun with the largest land animal, from Jean Evans.

Take to the water and discover the scope for cross-curricular learning, imagination and creative activities in making and sailing boats, with suggestions from Jean Evans.

Dolls happily lend themselves to use in extended play across all areas of early years provision, and their houses make the perfect resource for domestic and construction activities, says Judith Stevens.