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Exploring reflections opens up opportunities for creative thinking and cross-curricular learning, as explained in this extract from the Cornerstones Curriculum.

See how an array of simple resources can combine with curiosity to help children explore the properties of light, with nursery activities used by Angela Chick.

See how children's interests and a surprise piece of inspiration led to a nursery-wide project that prompted yet more projects, with Angela Chick.

Put books at the heart of your activities based on a favourite mythical creature, along with art and small-world play, as Helen Bromley suggests.

A storybook is the starting place for exploring minibeasts and the natural world in imaginative ways, with cross-curriculum activities from Helen Bromley.

Go on a voyage of imagination with an appealing story book that lends itself to activities and learning across all areas of your early years setting, suggested by Helen Bromley.

Set aside a dedicated food area in your setting where the children can explore and prepare food for maximum learning and enjoyment, says Diana Lawton.

Children will naturally take to activities and resources where they can make things move and play with capacity, as Diana Lawton explains.

A very versatile vehicle can be the focus of activities across all areas of learning. Try some of these suggestions from Diana Lawton.

Help the children get to know their favourite fruits with these fun and challenging activities suggested by Sheila Ebbutt.