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Colours, Yes No, Faces, Shapes, Numbers, Wheels

An elephant goes like this and that. She's terribly big, And terribly fat. She has no fingers, She has no toes, But goodness gracious, what a nose! Babies and young children...

A display can reach far beyond the wall it's on. Jean Evans hears how.

Ways to progress through a session based on rhythm or different types of music are set out by Helen Bilton.


Behaviour is a complex interplay of every aspect of development, and for young children, the driving force behind it is the ability to manage emotions, explains Maria Robinson.

The many ways that young children and adults give and receive messages without using words, and their importance for secure, social relations, are explored by Maria Robinson.

UK practitioners can learn much from the nurseries of San Miniato, a close neighbour and rival in excellence to Reggio Emilia, say Keir Bloomer and Bronwen Cohen, authors of a new book on the area.

In a new 12-part series, early years experts will explore the challenging aspects of the EYFS - they want your views, too, says Mary Evans.

What matters to children in their learning is spelled out in a new A to Z guide compiled by Diane Rich, Mary Jane Drummond and Cathy Myer.