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Less may be more when you choose instruments for music sessions, says Steve Grocott.

Let the children take on a new identity with fun dressing-up activities from Alice Sharp.

What to keep at the ready in your setting's malleable materials area - and what resources you can also find outdoors - are examined by Jane Drake.

The children and staff at Cockfield Primary School nursery class are enjoying the benefits of a half-day visit from a professional musician from The Sage at Gateshead. The aim was to develop the children's love of singing and playing instruments, and introduce musical activities into the setting's regular themes.

Music sessions will stimulate and build on one of the most powerful natural resources, says Steve Grocott.

Staging their own shows brought out the best in children whether performing, accompanying or observing, for a project described by their nursery manager Cheryl Cusack.

Versatile tubes

Autumn colours

Dance is the universal language being used at one school to help young children interact as a group and learn something they're proud to show off at home, as Annette Rawstrone hears.