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Teddy bears have a unique role in children's lives and are an invaluable developmental resource. Nicole Weinstein goes on the hunt.

'Free-and-found' resources lend themselves to creative, child-directed outdoor play. Julie Mountain offers some guidance on sourcing them.

A course using the US-devised Environment Rating Scales for quality prompted Priya Dhanda, deputy manager of LEYF's Noah's Ark in Tower Hamlets, to reorganise her setting.

Wheeled toys such as trikes, bikes and scooters aren't just good fun - they also provide developmental benefits. Nicole Weinstein looks at how to make the most of them.

Pack-away nurseries need be creative to make their settings work. Nicole Weinstein asks three how they manage their storage solutions.

The outdoors offers opportunities to get creative with role play. Nicole Weinstein suggests how practitioners might provide resources to support, and build on, children's natural interests.

This natural material opens up opportunities for children to experiment and explore both real and imaginary worlds - and a mud kitchen makes a good central point.

Stand back and observe what children are doing, and assess the versatility of your resources, to allow natural creativity to thrive.

A nursery's design, from the way spaces are laid out to how books are stored and the furniture and resources used, can make a big difference to children's learning and behaviour, says Nicole Weinstein.

Loose parts resources, which can be found, recycled or bought, empower children's creativity and inventiveness, particularly in the outdoor environment. Nicole Weinstein gives some tips.

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