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An understanding of size aids mathematical development in children, but how can you support it? Nicole Weinstein offers some suggestions.

In the first of a series on outdoor play in winter, Julie Mountain looks at what nurseries need to think about to help keep children warm.

Design and technology sparks imagination and helps children begin to make sense of the world in which we live, says Nicole Weinstein.

A new climbing area is offering impressive challenge and variety, says King's Meadow Primary School's Sarah Obinna.

In the second of a two-part series on developing fine motor control, Nicole Weinstein looks at resources for children aged three to five years.

A new online management system is greatly enhancing operational efficiencies at a nursery in south east London. Karen Faux finds out how it benefits staff and parents.

This first in a two-part series looking at resources for developing children's fine motor control starts with the under-threes. Nicole Weinstein reports.

Children should be provided with a large variety of shapes in a range of situations to stimulate learning. Nicole Weinstein suggests some ideas.

A resource package that reuses scrap and unwanted equipment is set to bring many benefits to nurseries. Ruth Thomson reports.

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