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Being a Forest Schools practitioner requires a constant awareness of the opportunities presented for the children, writes Sarah Blackwell.

In the first of a new series on running a Forest School programme, Sarah Blackwell identifies priorities in locating and using the land.

Childminders have bought and equipped a beach chalet for a unique resource they can share with other providers. Annette Rawstrone reports.

The challenges of climbing boosts young children's well-being, learning and language as well as physical strength, as Ruth Thomson hears.

Going out of the classroom and getting involved in their local environment is the best way for children to become members of society, says Will Coleman.

Plants and play go together naturally thanks to an innovative garden design installed at early years settings. Ruth Thomson takes an inside look.

Babies' baths are not just for home - find out what they can offer in the nursery, says Jean Evans.

Children's experience of the outdoor environment can be enhanced through an imaginative use of ground surfaces and materials, reports Sue Learner.

Individual treasure boxes provide an ideal way to develop children's personal, social and emotional learning, say Stuart Hall and Carole Gibbons from Tanglewood Nursery School.

New resources for National Poetry Day give children a reason to rhyme, says Ruth Thomson.