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Noticing what a baby is attending to, and then talking to them about it, boosts language development. By Dr Danielle Matthews, Dr Michelle McGillion and Professor Julian Pine

Why is touch so important for babies and young children? Because it is linked to healthy physical and emotional development, Anne O’Connor explains

Trust and respect – both between children and practitioners, and parents and practitioners – are central to effective early years practice and pedagogy, explains Kathryn Solly

How a network in a deprived area of London is helping to raise standards. By Dr Julian Grenier

With the childhood obesity plan found wanting, Dr Lala Manners asks what should be done

Being able to make friends is easier for some than it is for others, but practitioners can help all children to form relationships. Marion Dowling explains how

Four beach schools (and one river school) tell Nicole Weinstein about their exciting activities

Understanding young children’s various reactions to the death of a loved one and how they cope with grief enables settings to better support them and their families, explains Annette Rawstrone

Training consultancy Early Excellence is running a programme of free training and policy updates over the summer.

Children need to be stimulated, but over-stimulation can lead to problems. A calm child is better able to focus, reflect and self-regulate, explains Linda Pound