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A pilot online training programme building nursery practitioner confidence with children’s language needs is being extended to childminders. Sue Owen looks at what it offers

When learning a language, children often say things that don’t sound quite right. In the last article in this series, Professor Julian Pine explains why ‘clever mistakes’ are often a sign of progress

Different language rules and cultural attitudes to how children learn provide some valuable insights for practitioners working with bilingual children. Professor Elena Lieven explains.

What is it like growing up with two languages, and how does it affect development? Ludovica Serratrice and Samantha Durrant address some common misunderstandings and provide the facts.

On entering Reception, children are exposed to the world of 'formal' language. In the third part of our series on communication, Dr Anna Theakston explains what it is and how to support it.

The ability to speak multiple languages is linked to strong critical thinking. So how can the early years nurture learning in this area? Vicky Burghardt, Beverley Barnaby and Leena Robertson explain

How well children learn words is influenced by many things, including the environment and the manner in which adults speak to them. Communication experts Dr Rebecca Frost, Dr Katherine Twomey, Dr Gemma Taylor, Professor Gert Westermann and Professor Padraic Monaghan explain.

Story Square harnesses the power of storytelling to give children a voice through play - and enable others to learn about them. Class teacher Jay Ramsey shares his setting's experience

Sharing stories and rhymes with children right from the earliest years will help them develop vital communication skills. Judith Stevens explores the opportunities and benefits across the age groups.

Use targeted resources that are meaningful to children to get them talking, says Judith Stevens.