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Pretend shops are a magnet for young children – and the role play can be meaningful too, explains Nicole Weinstein, who also provides some useful resourcing pointers

Good-quality props and practical domestic experiences can offer deep learning opportunities in the home corner, Nicole Weinstein discovers in the first of a series looking at aspects of role play

Dance is an important part of the ‘Expressive arts and design’ area of the curriculum, so all settings should give it a go, reports Nicole Weinstein, who also pinpoints some useful resources

Nicole Weinstein explores the benefits of working with wood, provides some tips on safety, cites the key resources needed and details where to go for more help

Sculpture is an excellent medium for creative expression, but staff and children alike will need help. Nicole Weinstein finds some advice

Working with textiles is both educational and playful. Nicole Weinstein offers some useful tips

Collage experiences not only benefit children’s fine motor development – they also provide a medium for children to represent their experiences and thinking, explains Nicole Weinstein

The possibilities of clay as a resource are endless. Nicole Weinstein provides some pointers

Printing is an immediately engaging activity for young children because it is both visual and tactile. Nicole Weinstein offers some tips

Painting lets children express themselves, engaging both brain and the body, writes Nicole Weinstein

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