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Kate Hart Dyke used a favourite story to take her children on a nutritious learning journey.

Nursery school children in Verona, Italy, take part in challenging outdoor trips to develop their confidence and all-round skills.

Observant practitioners explored how they could follow children's interests to extend their thinking and learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, as Di Chilvers shows.

Practitioners wondering how to deal with a child's toileting difficulties are advised by Maria Robinson.

Children in nurseries are being served less healthy food than those in schools, as an extensive new report shows. Simon Vevers reports.

Contrasts, and cause and effect, are just some of the concepts within the learning to be found in an investigation of 'wet' and 'dry' by Carole Skinner, Fran Mosley and Sheila Ebbutt.

Practitioners put their ears to the ground when thinking how to promote language development, as Nicola Hutton and Laura Leddy explain.

Early years practitioners are themselves part of the provision in any setting. Anne O'Connor outlines their role in and responsibility in promoting learning.

Mothers bond with each other as well as their babies in sessions at a children's centre informed by expert talks. Annette Rawstrone reports.

A unique initiative in Wales is helping practitioners to improve the way they interact socially with children, writes Karen Faux.