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The founder of Britain's first infant school promoted learning for its own sake in ways that are meaningful to young children, as Professor Tricia David explains

Practitioners can learn a great deal from the work of early years educator and lecturer Susan Isaacs, as Professor Tricia David explains

Children may develop eating problems from anxieties passed on by adults caring for them

Practitioners need to empathise with young children's powerful emotions, but not be overwhelmed by them

Carers need to recognise when a child's self-soothing habit is an expression of distress

Understanding the reasons behind demanding behaviour will help you deal with it

Anger and aggression stem from children's feelings of confusion

Don't be surprised when young children fail to appreciate that others have feelings and belongings that must be considered

There are many benefits to setting up a Foundation Stage unit, although practitioners should be aware of the challenges

When parents part, children's behaviour can be affected by feelings of loss and anger

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