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Nursery children are to receive a maths boost in return for taking part in early years research.

The popularity of Montessori nurseries has rocketed because of the Prince George effect.

A government-funded study published days after the Prime Minister pledged to roll out parenting classes to all, has reported the scheme will fail without proper financial backing.

With more two-year-olds heading for a school-based setting, Julia Manning-Morton offers some starting points for effectively meeting this age group’s needs

Sooner or later, parents of children struggling to sleep will have to tackle the problem. Penny Tassoni explains why and how

Just nine per cent of children aged between two and four are doing the right amount of physical activity, experts have claimed.

Pre-school children’s readiness to read could be measured with a simple test, experts have suggested.

Implementing the Integrated Review should see early years settings working more closely with health visiting teams, Dr Kay Mathieson explains

Part one of our new 12-part collectible series on child development looks at meeting the emotional and learning needs of the unique child. By Julia Manning-Morton

Moving up to the pre-school room was an exciting moment and has been (mostly) beneficial for Working Mum’s three-year-old