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Gabriella Jozwiak meets a woman who does everything from one-to-one tutoring of children with SEND to writing autism training programmes

Gabriella Jozwiak meets a woman for whom the phrase ‘water baby’ is a vocation, having swapped sales to set up a swimming school in London

Gabriella Jozwiak speaks to children’s hospice worker Vikki German, who cares for children and young people in their last days

An educational psychologist in London tells Gabriella Jozwiak about her day-to-day role and the unique challenges and satisfaction it brings

Supporting children of all ages to have fun and develop during the holidays is a rewarding job, discovers Gabriella Jozwiak

For Carmen de Silva, a day's work is about providing opportunities for children to play outdoors and mix with others.

A former primary school head is now helping new mothers struggling with breastfeeding their newborns. Gabriella Jozwiak hears what the job involves.

Nurseries and schools have long been co-located, but what is it like managing early years in the modern school system? By Gabriella Jozwiak

Developing new early years qualifications involves plenty of listening and the provision of hands-on support, Gabriella Jozwiak discovers.

Helping parents find the confidence and skills to deal with their newborn can be hugely rewarding, Cerys Byrne tells Gabriella Jozwiak

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