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A study has measured the effects of music therapy on children's emotional well-being, reports Karen Faux.

One nursery takes a far-sighted approach to incorporating ICT into its daily life and learning, as well as its staff assessments. Ruth Thomson reports.

Puppets come in all shapes and sizes and are indispensable in most settings. Early years professionals put their hands up and give their verdicts on the following selection to Sue Hubberstey.

The technology workshop can be amply stocked with simple and readily available resources and is an ideal area for adults to work alongside the children, as Jane Drake explains.

Horsey, horsey, don't you stop Just let your feet go clippety clop Let your tail go 'swish' and the wheels go round Giddy up, we're homeward bound. It's important to introduce...

Let children takes a leap of imagination with a project on a popular amphibian, that's ideal for springtime, with ideas from Helen Bromley.

Let wet weather be a cause for celebration and learning with outdoor and indoor activity ideas by Helen Bromley.

Children warmed to winter indoors by constructing an interactive display of words, images and seasonal props.

Let the children take on a new identity with fun dressing-up activities from Alice Sharp.

What to keep at the ready in your setting's malleable materials area - and what resources you can also find outdoors - are examined by Jane Drake.