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How can we make sure children are getting enough fluids - and what exactly should they be drinking? June Graham offers some advice.

A study on alcohol and pregnancy has implications for both mothers and those working with affected children.

For children unable to attend school due to ill health, hospital education provides a way to keep up with work - and also smooths the way for reintegration with their peers. By Jenny Craigen

Far from being an inferior option, vegan alternatives provide healthy and delicious baking choices that all the children can share and enjoy together, says June Graham

Supporting fragile families and the practitioners who work with them is vital to ensuring the best interests of children are met, writes Marion Dowling in the final instalment of this two-part report.

Latest research reinforces the vital importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of infection, explains Dr Sally Bloomfield.

Providing a range of exciting end-of-day snacks can help keep children going until dinner. June Graham shares some ideas for sweet and savoury foods that pack a punch.

A project funded by the charity Scope has been assessing resilience in disabled children and adults. Researcher Katherine Runswick-Cole offers some insight into the process and conclusions.

One city council's commitment to early intervention for those with special educational needs is ensuring children get the support they need. Nicole Weinstein reports.

Working with vulnerable children and their families can be demanding, but the right approach will make all the difference to an individual's future. Marion Dowling looks at the barriers and solutions