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I agree with the comments on inspection made by Steve and Barbara Whitewood, both childminders (Letters, 18 August). I have been a registered childminder for 11 years and now work with another registered childminder at my home.

It is impolite and inconsiderate not to make an appointment when carrying out a full combined inspection. As a busy day nursery manager I have various administrative commitments throughout the day, plus my deputy may be on holiday. With no supply cover available I may be taking a group of children and not free to accompany the inspector and answer questions.

The point of unannounced Ofsted inspection is to see the 'normal everyday' standards, high or low, or a mixture of both, in the provision, without a show put on. These new-style inspections are a must if we are ever to permanently raise standards in all provisions.

In response to 'When an inspector calls' (Letters, 4 August), while I empathise with the situation of private nurseries, I can assure the writer that inspections in schools are no easier. I was a nursery nurse in a school and the next inspection always loomed.

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