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Children born a few weeks early have an increased risk of developing behavioural or emotional problems as toddlers, according to new research.

Practitioners admit it is the question that often tries their patience, but it helps to think about a particular child's reasons for asking it, says Jennie Lindon.

Families are making huge gains from a simple programme where they come together to play and eat at school. Nicole Weinstein investigates.

Children as young as four bow to peer pressure even when they know their actions are wrong, according to a new study.

Do young children consciously reject one parent and cling to the other? Cath Hunter offers advice for talking with families and getting through what may be a difficult phase for them.

More than 70 per cent of five-year-olds who have received play therapy show a positive change, according to findings from a new study.

Even young children may threaten to pack their bags and run away. Cath Hunter explains why, and offers ways to respond.

How to react tactfully to an innocent child's use of rude words or phrases can be a tricky issue for early years practitioners. Jennie Lindon has advice for talking to both children and parents.

Sue Atkins talks to Sue Learner about parenting and discipline, in the wake of the riots that spread destruction through the streets of London and most of the major English cities.

How do you deal constructively with a young child's refusal to do what they're asked? Cath Hunter looks into a challenging phase.