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Help children who have had different experiences progress through the stepping stones of the Foundation Stage to counting and number recognition, says Lena Engel 1+2 Area of learning:

CHILD-INITIATED Encourage the children to draw self-portraits as part of related child-initiated activities.

The importance of helping parents to be involved with their child's life at nursery is explained by Jean Evans, while you can offer them our cut-out-and-keep guide Nursery staff who keep parents at arm's length because they fear criticism and interference are now, fortunately, few and far between. The role of parents as the first educators of their children is increasingly recognised. Nursery inspectors look for evidence of a successful 'parent partnership' and consider four aspects:

Focus Nursery Topics - Our bodies coversall six areas of learning, with an emphasis on personal, social and emotional development.

Some food for thought for your professional career SPECIAL NEED IN THE EARLY YEARS: SNAPSHOTS OF PRACTICE. Edited by Sheila Wolfendale. (Routledge/Falmer, 14.99, 020 7583 9855).

Get the most out of the learning opportunities provided by 'Our bodies' with these resources Dolls

Extend the learning opportunities provided by our pullout story, Alien Numbers

By Sally Brown, head supervisor of a pre-school on a British Forces base in Cyprus. Combine the ideas of story sacks and novelty books with pages made of plastic containers.

* Deputy minister for education Nicol Stephen has stressed the Scottish Executive's support for inclusive education. He told the Special Educational Needs conference in Edinburgh last week, 'The Executive's commitment to mainstreaming is part of our wider commitment to social inclusion and a quality educational experience for all.'

Try a sorting and counting activity using mitten shapes to play during the cold weather. Planned learning intention

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