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Young children can acquire more than one language without detriment to learning English and will enjoy greater self-esteem if carers outside the home respect their mother tongue. Anne O'Connor explains why

Older people added a special ingredient to a nursery cookery project described by Veronica Broyd, headteacher at Kendal Nursery School in Cumbria.

Teddy bear, teddy bear, By Judith Stevens

Strategies to engage the third partner in the key person approach - the parent - as a child enters and settles in to nursery are explained in our continuing series on key caring by Anne O'Connor

Sharing a book creates a partnership between a young child and their carer that will promote their attention, social awareness and a habit of reading for pleasure. Anne O'Connor shows why. Photographs courtesy of Siren Films.

The important role men play in children's lives is increasingly recognised. Anne O'Connor explains how settings can better involve them.