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The use of mud kitchens in nurseries’ outdoor spaces has spread significantly since the concept was popularised a few years ago, but children will only get the most out of them if they are regularly reviewed. Nicole Weinstein finds advice for settings, whether they are updating or starting from scratch

Open-ended resources allow children to explore their imaginations. Marianne Sargent gives the lowdown on some flexible resources

There are thousands of apps designed for children, but not all of them will be EYFS-appropriate. Martin Bailey explains what to look out for, and overleaf suggests seven apps ideal for nurseries

A cross-section of early years consultants and nursery equipment suppliers tell Nicole Weinstein about the latest trends in early years practice and how best to provide an enabling environment

Variety is key when it comes to resources for two-year-olds, as is catering for different levels of development and enabling them to express their increasing sociability, Karen Faux reports

With nurseries spending an increasing amount of time outside, many are investing in outdoor structures bringing real benefits to children's play and learning, says Katy Morton.

In Scotland, creativity is now at the heart of early years education. Annette Rawstrone assesses its capacity to foster a love of learning.

Some settings are making blocks an important part of their provision - and opening up new opportunities for learning and development as a result. Marianne Sargent explains.

Role play is becoming more flexible, with settings embracing approaches that create more authentic experiences and respond to children's interests. Marianne Sargent explains.

Use targeted resources that are meaningful to children to get them talking, says Judith Stevens.