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If a child overreacts to tactile experiences it may be down to sensory processing, says Anne O'Connor.

How should you respond when a boy takes to dressing up as a girl? Sue Chambers offers advice.

Children tell lies for many reasons, so it is important to react in a measured way, advises Sue Chambers.

Although confidence in children is to be celebrated, over-friendliness with strangers could be a warning sign of something serious and should not be ignored, advises Sue Chambers.

Mindful carers are needed to ensure that children with different needs get the right amount of stimulation. Anne O'Connor explains.

Scotland is to become the first country in the world to deliver the Roots of Empathy programme in every area.

Children will sometimes take things that do not belong to them, but this isn't necessarily stealing. Sue Chambers explains why.

If a child stops breathing and goes stiff after an upsetting episode, they may be experiencing breath-holding spells. Sue Chambers explains.

When a child doesn't play with other children there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on a strategy, says Sue Chambers.

The tantrums, biting and defiant behaviour often associated with this age group can be managed when you understand the reasons behind it, says Penny Tassoni.