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Integrated working is sure to be important to the success of the two-year-old funded programme. Ruth Thomson considers some of the children's centres and local authorities leading the charge.

Boscombe Children's Centre has achieved a huge rise in its engagement with local families. Centre manager Justine Greenfield explains how.

Grandparents can face special challenges when supporting their grandchildren, but advice is now at hand

Children will sometimes take things that do not belong to them, but this isn't necessarily stealing. Sue Chambers explains why.

Enrich a child's language skills by talking about books, say Claire Bates and Helen Roscoe, Suffolk County Council Early Years and Childcare Service

Fathers' Story Week provides a great opportunity to welcome dads into your setting and to encourage them to read regularly with their children.

If a child stops breathing and goes stiff after an upsetting episode, they may be experiencing breath-holding spells. Sue Chambers explains.

It is crucial for parents to understand the value of the integrated health and early years reviews for two-year-olds, and practitioners must be able to answer their questions, says Sue Robb, Head of Early Years, 4Children.

Raising awareness of participation and Inclusion in our pre-school is essential to good practice, say Nicola Bushell and Hayley Cannell of Oakey Dokeys Pre-School in Essex.

When a child doesn't play with other children there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on a strategy, says Sue Chambers.