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Penny Tassoni has plenty of activities with shapes and sizes to try at home

Penny Tassoni shows how routine mealtimes can be a rich source of learning

Penny Tassoni has great ideas for singing at home

From early in their lives, children show an interest in science. They often notice things that we as adults take for granted, such as the clouds in the sky or how the pedal on the kitchen bin works.

Going out of the home can really help boost your child's language. New experiences provide opportunities to see new objects and people and these all need labelling.

Handwriting is the ability to make a range of marks that form letters. Children need a range of skills to do this, including hand-eye co-ordination and pencil grip. They also need to develop some specific movements that form the basis for individual letter shapes. These include vertical lines as well as bouncing and circular motions.

Penny Tassoni suggests activities to help your child develop hand-eye co-ordination

One of the skills that children need to develop in order to read and write is called auditory discrimination.

Counting is important for learning mathematics.

Learning to get dressed is a skill that children need to master. It takes time and practice. Here are some activities that not only help children learn about dressing and caring for their clothes, but also help other aspects of their development.

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