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There are many fun ways to help a child’s mathematical learning at home. Kate Doyle provides some useful pointers

There are many interesting ways in which you can introduce your child to this important skill. Penny Tassoni explains.

The foundations for mathematics should be laid early, but what is an appropriate approach for supporting the under-threes? Judith Stevens looks at creating enabling maths-rich environments

Maths isn't all about being right or wrong, but the joy of discovery. Trisha Lee of theatre and education charity MakeBelieve Arts offers some insights on bringing it to life

There is potential for mathematical learning in all areas of a nursery, so long as practitioners are open to possibilities. Judith Stevens suggests ideas to inspire three- to five-year-olds.

Is it time for mathematics to become a prime area? Judith Stevens considers the case

Liz Jarvis of Barn Croft School in London attended a courseto make maths more 'relevant' for her Reception class. Alex Pattinson reports.

Well-chosen activities, heuristic play resources and a number-rich environment can help practitioners to support children's understanding of numbers and counting. Nicole Weinstein looks at some useful approaches and suggests some ways to aid learning.