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Today's practice in observation of young children owes much to the work of this pioneering researcher, as Professor Tricia David explains

The influential work of an academic who developed the theory that all children are intelligent in the different ways they learn is described by Jonathan Barnes

Do boys need different language learning opportunities from girls? Opal Dunn explains why they do and what activities you can offer

The founder of Britain's first infant school promoted learning for its own sake in ways that are meaningful to young children, as Professor Tricia David explains

Practitioners can learn a great deal from the work of early years educator and lecturer Susan Isaacs, as Professor Tricia David explains

As soon as babies are born they explore the world around them using all of their senses. Children are often surrounded by plastic and other man-made materials; by introducing natural materials you can encourage their interest in the natural world and awareness of their surroundings and the outside world.

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