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To mark the publication of new guidance document Musical Development Matters, its author Nicola Burke explains its content and what she hopes it will achieve

How language develops between birth and the age of two, from crying to using early words, and when you should be concerned. By Anne-Marie Tassoni and Penny Tassoni

Organisation of the learning day is key to offering children an appropriate balance between child-led and adult-led learning, explains author and adviser Julie Fisher in the final article in this series

Practitioners must first overcome their own reluctance to approach maths and then encourage children to explore it in real-life and meaningful situations. By Caroline Vollans

Why movement is important for the youngest children and how settings can best provide opportunities to practise it. By Carol Archer

A guide to attention, listening and understanding skills in children from birth to two. By Anne-Marie Tassoni and Penny Tassoni

Confront the challenges posed by supporting adult-led and child-led learning appropriately, and be the supportive practitioner that the learner – and the context – demand, says author and adviser Julie Fisher

The original EYFS was a result of extensive consultation with appropriate experts and research, but its revision lacks such rigour, say Helen Moylett and Nancy Stewart

by Petr Horacek (Walker Books, 2011)

Supporting the physical development of children in their first year does not require specialist equipment, explains a new book by the Pre-school Learning Alliance