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New initiatives are bringing together expertise from the health service, early years sector and care in an effort to improve provision for children. Katy Morton investigates.

Austerity measures are having a knock-on effect on the provision of mental health services around the UK. Gabriella Jozwiak investigates what this means for those in need of support.

Gabriella Jozwiak finds out about the multi-faceted role of a health visitor.

Gabriella Jozwiak talks to Rachel Mavers about her varied and vital role looking after mothers and babies and supervising other midwives.

A study on alcohol and pregnancy has implications for both mothers and those working with affected children.

For children unable to attend school due to ill health, hospital education provides a way to keep up with work - and also smooths the way for reintegration with their peers. By Jenny Craigen

Latest research reinforces the vital importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of infection, explains Dr Sally Bloomfield.